Wednesday, 18 January 2012

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datum                    15 januari 2012 14:38
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Hallo Ben,

Thanks for your mail. I am fine, only facing difficulties since months : no work, no money, and thinking of my family's situation. Last friday afternoon, I was at the CBK where I spent almost 2 hours ( saw the exhibition, please try to censor the big photograph taken in the metro because we talked about it with Annette and Renske; we talked also about my coming at the opening, the 2 women advised me not to come for security reasons ). Annette talked to me about the extract piece of the Parool newspaper. Send me the draft of the piece by email monday as soon as you receiced it. Please, think of my safety and security from january 19 till April 7. I am not really happy.

I am really deeply suffering at this right moment of writing. In this situation, how can I get the moral ? Be at my place. Annette told me to think of my security from the opening day till April 7, my pictures on the walls all those days.

All the best,


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